We recently finished an extensive project for a new home on East Avenue in Madison, Georgia. Our role in this project included the post construction grading, drainage, irrigation, fencing and landscaping. We are proud of our team’s work on this project and how they brought the project together skillfully.

Our team began with the initial grading and constructing the retaining walls on either side of the driveway back-filling the wall to level out client’s lawn. The retaining wall contains additional support members that when covered with soil, are not visible externally and provide considerable support from the soil’s lateral pressure.

After the initial property preparation, We installed a lawn irrigation sprinkler system to keep the lawn watered properly year round. Each sprinkler system we install is installed in a way to reduce waste and overlapping zones. Ensuring each area is watered equally.

We enclosed the property with black metal fencing, planted 145 trees, laid 42 pallets of Zenith Zoysia sod.

For finishing touches, we laid out pine straw beds and also rock beds around the retaining walls.

Take a look through the photos of the job site during and after we completed the grading, landscaping, and fencing work.